"The Everest 701 is quite simply astounding. All the digital equipment at the studio I use at Abbey Road is able to synchronise to the Abendrot Everest 701. The digital system when “locked” to the Everest 701 sounds much more natural. Bass notes go deeper, stereo imaging is better defined and there is more detail to the music. Really good digital master clocks can make good digital equipment sound great and can make great digital equipment sound almost like analogue. This is really useful to have in a professional studio environment." − Miles Showell, Mastering Engineer, Half-Speed Vinyl Cutting Engineer (Abbey Road Studios)

"Abendrot Everest 701 has proved a real eye-opener, allowing you to record analogue sound as analogue sound” − Sadaharu Yagi, Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer/Producer (Limp Bizkit, Draco Rosa, Shakira)

"The Everest 701 unit made the tri-dimensional space truly happening." − Enrico 'Kikko' Sesselego (Stevie Vai, Paul Gilbert)

"To describe the effects in as short a description as possible, I would say “crisp and clear, yet rich and expansive sound of the highest quality. The results changed dramatically once I connected the Everest 701 to the equipment in the studio." − Tom Suzuki, Recording Engineer (Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Santana)

As different as a gravel road and a red carpet. Since very impressive encounter, my identifiable sound doesn't work without Everest 701. It makes the sound to have a sense of stability and supports the excitement of the singer and audience. − Takahito Yamamoto, Hibino Sound FOH engineer (MISIA)

"I had goosebumps all over myself. The Everest 701 never intrudes. It never even adds a tint of its own flavor. Yet, the sound commands such a presence while enwrapping you at the same time." − Toshiharu Yamauchi, Chief Sound Engineer (Blue Note Japan)

Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock


Abendrot Master Clock in 2U rack space
True Audio Master Clock Technology provide virtually jitter-free master clock signal
Six high-precision word clock outputs
A single 10MHz output for multi-purpose external master clocks
NEW  Newly designed high precision AES/EBU clock out model is available.


The Abendrot Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock is the apex of next generation master clocks, designed and developed to bring a new era to digital audio, ceasing the analog/digital war which has continued over three decades by eliminating all issues related to information loss caused by imperfect clock technology. It is the core solution to achieving an advanced 21st century digital audio system that realises the capture, preservation, processing, transmission and reproduction capabilities at analog audio quality including equivalent ADSR and phase representation.

Conventional master clock devices in professional audio are, at their core, synchronizer products intended to synchronize digital devices. The Everest 701 is designed to provide advanced master signals between digital devices on par with analog audio. While timing defects of analog audio typically caused by uneven rotation of tape reels or vinyl records produce subtle modulations often positively categorised as "analog warmth", timing defects in digital audio only result in the loss of critical information such as phasing. Once lost, this information can never be recovered regardless of the technology. The Everest 701 is the pioneer of next-generation master clocks as it overcomes these previously unsolvable peculiar digital audio traits of information loss and phase disorder due to timing deviation, and extracts ideal performance from your digital audio system.


True Audio Master Clock Technology

Abendrot's Master Clock is a culmination of the expertise and dedication of professionals from various fields, all united under the goal of creating the ultimate results in digital master clock technology. This masterpiece truly realises a theoretically perfect time axis without any unnatural enhancements or distortions. Experts from the field of clock technology worked with experts in both the analog and digital audio technology to bring to you the most precise and sophisticated results possible.

Word Clock Distributer

One of the highlights of the Everest 701- True Audio Master Clock is its highly precise Word Clock Distributer with a newly designed six-channel output. The Word Clock Distributer adopts a hybrid composite circuit configuration that combines Abendrot's unique frequency divider and PLL circuit; a configuration considered the ideal solution in materialising whiteboard logic into actual implementation. As a result, this device can transform any given sample rate to a Word Clock signal output without deteriorating the transparency of the generator.


A newly-developed AES/EBU output has been installed to the Everest 701A for the realisation of high-precision word clock transmission at long distances. Operation efficiency per unit is greatly enhance through the enabling of simultaneous word clock signal supply to systems installed at distance. (701A only)


The Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock is equipped with a master generator and Word Clock Distributer that eliminates noise and magnetic interference, and adopts layer designing technology with full consideration to thermal design, to ensure true quality and long-term operational reliability despite its compact 2U rack size.

10M Reference Output and W/C Distr. Deactive Switch

The 10M Reference output and W/C Distr. Deactive Switch have been installed to enable the provision of Abendrot's generator signal to a master clock distributer with a 10M input and video/audio synchronisation function for broadcasting or post-production. The adoption of an independent W/C Distr. Deactive Switch also allows for Abendrot's Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock to purely operate as a 10M clock generator.


Vinyl Cutting from a Digital Master

The Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock's Word Clock output channel will lock the sending PCM/DSD DAW system.

DSD Master from PCM digital master

The Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock's Word Clock output channels lock the receiving DSD recorder, 10M reference output locks multi functional master clock of the sending devices.

Mastering Using Analog Equipment

The Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock's Word Clock output channels lock the receiving digital devices and DAW system, 10M reference output locks multi functional master clock of the sending devices.

Recording and Mixing

The Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock's Word Clock output channels lock the multiple I/O units of the DAW system.

PA/SR Digital System

The Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock's Word Clock output channel will lock the PA/SR digital system.


Abendrot – True Audio Master Clock in 2U rack size
Uniquely-designed with full consideration to high frequency-related matters such as interference, parasitic oscillation, phasing, and many more
Layer designing technology specialised in noise and magnetic interference elimination, and thermal design
Extremely reliable rubidium master clock unit
Compatible with 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 KHz sample rates
Six high precision BNC word clock out
Single high precision AES/EBU word clock out
Single 10MHz output for external master clock
Word Clock Distributor deactivation switch
15mm thick, carved out solid aluminium front panel
Handcrafted entirely in Japan for ultimate quality


10MHz Amplifier Output

Output frequency: 10MHz sine wave
Output channel: 1 output
Output connector: BNC female
Amplitude: >1V RMS 50ohm

Word Clock Output

Output frequency: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
Operation switch: UP / DOWN toggle switch
BNC Output channel: 6
AES/EBU Output: channel: 1 (701A only)
Output level: >2V P-P 75ohm
Special function: shut down switch of Word Clock-Logic-circuit
(Complete separately for 10MHz output circuit)

Rubidium Unit

Phase noise: <-140dBc / Hz (100Hz)
<-150dBc / Hz (10KHz representative value)
Accuracy at shipment: ±5×10-11
Warm-up time: <10 minutes (time required to lock and gain practical accuracy)


Input Voltage: 115V or 230V, 50-60Hz (Select when ordering)
Wattage 60W(typical) 135W (Maximum)


Operating temperature Range: 5℃~ 35℃
Relative humidity: 35~85%RH(non-condensing)


Size: 482 x 430 x 88mm (W x D x H), Weight: 9kg


Everest 701A - True Audio Master Clock
38,000.00 USD

※1. This product is manufactured on a per order basis.
※2. The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.