Abendrot Everest 901X – True Analogue to Digital Converter


The Everest 901X - True A to D Converter is the 10th anniversary model of Abendrot's high-precision technology. This is the latest version of the Everest 901 master clock/AD converter. The existing Everest 901 was developed based on the concept of an AD converter that provides the highest performance ever when combined with the Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock, an ultra-high precision master clock. The new Everest 901X has been redesigned to further advance the character of the stand-alone master clock/AD converter from the first priority of "working with the Everest 701" to the highest performance on its own.


Newly developed True Audio Master Clock "Sphere X" NEW

The most important factor in making this the ultimate stand-alone DAW core was to develop a new internal clock that is comparable to the Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock. The newly developed True Audio Master Clock "Sphere X" in the Everest 901X provides the same transparency, transient, depth, and range in the internal clock as the analog audio equivalent of the Everest 701 ultra-high precision clock. This ensures that digital audio systems with the Everest 901X as the clock master have recording and playback quality comparable to analog recordings. The Everest 901X requires no warm-up time and can be set up and ready to record in a recording studio or concert hall on assignment.

"True A to D Conversion Technology": The Final A/D converter NEW

The Everest 901X is equipped with the ultimate stereo A/D converter developed using Abendrot’s unique technology, and is the digital audio theory’s true venture into reality in terms of AD conversion performance. Perfectly matched to the newly developed "Sphere X" master clock, the sound you hear is literally printed directly into digital format, promising the best results for tasks such as optimal analog chain vocal tracking (of your VIP artist), rich real-time trackdown and mastering through the analog outboards, and digital sampling of historical significant analog archives.

EXT – INT switch

A built-in EXT-INT switch to switch between the Everest 901X’s internal clock and external clock from the Everest 701. This switch handles the amount of information by switching the system’s input to an external 10Mhz input transmitted through the Everest 701’s master clock.

Variable Gain

The A/D conversion input level can be switched between 3 settings in accordance with your studio’s reference level. The default input level setting is +16dBu, +18dBu, but the reference input level can be optionally changed to specific level at the time of making your order.

Word Clock Distributer

Equipped with 2-channel word clock output, this distributor can convert word clock signal output at an arbitrary sampling rate without any deterioration in generator transparency.



The A/D conversion of important recording channels such as the lead vocal or a solo piano


The master clock for A/D conversion of a stereo master recording from an analogue mixing console, and for outputting multi-channel D/A conversion


The master clock for A/D conversion of analog processors and the overall system


Digitally captures an analogue master

Live Sound

As part of a digital live sound setup that incorporates an analog processor


- Uniquely-designed with full consideration to high frequency-related matters such as interference, parasitic oscillation, phasing, and many more
- Layer designing technology specialised in noise and magnetic interference elimination, and thermal design
- Proprietary internal clock that uses a high precision quartz clock unit
- Frequency divider with a hybrid configuration of proprietary frequency driver and PLL circuit
- High precision, 2-channel BNC word clock
- Compatible with 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 KHz sample rates
- Built-in advanced proprietary A/D conversion mechanism
- 3-step variable input gain setting of +16dBu, +18dBu, and +20dBu
- LED for excessive input detection
- Single-channel AES/EBU output (fixed at 24bit)
- Single external 10MHz input to receive the Everest 701’s reference 10MHz output
- Internal/external clock switching function
- LED for detecting clock operation
- 15mm thick, carved out solid aluminium front panel
- Handcrafted entirely in Japan for ultimate quality



True Audio Master super clock synchronous type Multi-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter

Analg Input

+16 / +18 / +20 dBu XLR 2CH
(Front panel switch 3posision)

Digital Sample Rate

44.1 to 192 kHz, 24bit fixation
(Front panel switch 6 position)

Master Clock External Input

10MHz 50Ω 1V RMS
(Front panel switch INT/EXT)

Digital Audio Data Output

(Synchronized by True Audio Master Clock)

Master Word Clock Output

BNC 75 Ω 2CH
(Synchronized by True Audio Master Clock)

Power Supply

AC100-230V 50/60Hz 30W


482 x 430 x 88mm (W x D x H)




Everest 901X – True Analogue to Digital Converter NEW
30,000.00 USD

※1. This product is manufactured on a per order basis only for professional use.
※2. The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.