Abendrot was established by a dedicated team of prominent master clock engineers and digital audio designers in UK and Japan, with the aim of providing the very best in digital sound reproduction. Developed through the master engineering of experts with more than 30 years of experience and an abundance of passion in designing various circuits, our products have reached a centennial milestone in audio history that almost transcend the limits of human capabilities.

Every single Abendrot product is individually and carefully handmade with the same level of attention and precision perhaps previously only seen in the creation of ancient Japanese samurai swords. These products transcend the boundaries of manufacturing as they are heightened to the level of individual art.


There were no digital noises and information loss caused by clock in the era of organic analog audio, the time music was loved the most. With STUTE, Abendrot had presented the first solution for the theorem as well as a criteria to begin with. Abendrot's master clock technology is the fruition of devotion and passion of high end master clock engineers and analog / digital audio professionals.

Our new product "Everest 701 - True Audio Master Clock" was born from our dream, to pull up HD audio production into next level. Why can't we feel the same fascination we used to feel from old records in modern recordings? We had never experienced any other digitally produced sound with such transience and depth before our Abendrot master clock. Given the choice of no information loss digital audio, we could not help feeling the possibilities of the coming era of music production. We could believe that artists, producers, engineers, those who are concerned seriously about the future of music production may feel the same.

Why dare to use master clocks that inevitably emit information loss causing? Abendrot supplies master clock signals matching perfectly with digital audio systems, bringing the alpha and the omega of digital audio recording, ultimate reality. This is the new beginning of Extra Definition production, crossing the borders of analog and digital. We are filled with joy to live the new era of organic music.

Abendrot Team